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Spine surgery is a treatment solution that can benefit patients who are suffering from long-term back pain when conservative treatments aren’t producing positive results. The highly qualified spine surgeons at NeuroSpinecare, Inc., located in Sheffield Village, Ohio, have extensive experience in helping patients recover from a range of chronic back disorders using the most advanced surgical techniques and minimally invasive procedures. Find out more about the benefits of choosing NeuroSpinecare for your spine surgery by calling the clinic today, or book an appointment online.

Spine Surgery Q & A

Why might I need spine surgery?

Unless you need emergency surgery for a back problem, you only need to consider spine surgery after you’ve been on a course of more conservative treatments such as medication, bracing, and various forms of physical therapies without success.

The team at NeuroSpinecare only recommends surgery for patients who aren’t finding relief from their pain. Spine surgery is never used to investigate the source of back pain.

Spine surgery can be carried out using open methods, where the surgeon makes a long incision into your back, but increasingly, your surgeon can carry out spine surgery using minimally invasive techniques. As this form of spine surgery causes less trauma to the tissues, healing and recovery are usually quicker and patients experience less pain.

How does technology assist with spine surgery?

Modern technology provides your surgical team at NeuroSpinecare with advanced tools to help them carry out delicate procedures with great accuracy and minimal tissue damage. 

Examples of assistive technologies include computer-assisted image guidance such as preoperative computed tomography (CT) and intraoperative fluoroscopy (a form of moving X-ray).

Using the preoperative images in conjunction with live images of the surgery site enables the NeuroSpinecare surgeons to complete the operation with the utmost safety and precision.

What types of spine surgery are there?

There are various types of spine surgery, including:

Discectomy/microdiscectomy and disc replacement

This procedure is used to remove a herniated disc. The vertebrae may then be fused using a bone graft, sometimes with rods and screws to keep the spine stable. 

Approaches to spinal fusion include going through the front of the body (anterior lumbar interbody fusion or ALIF), going through the back (posterior lumbar interbody fusion or PLIF), approaching through the foramen (transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion or TLIF) and a minimally invasive approach from the side of the body (lateral interbody fusion or LIF).

Alternatively, your surgeon at NeuroSpinecare can replace the damaged disc with an artificial one.

Laminectomy and laminotomy

Used to increase space in the spinal canal by removing tissues that are causing compression on the nerves.


Used to remove tissue from the neuroforamen, where nerve roots exit the spinal column.

The team can also carry out procedures such as implanting devices like spinal cord stimulators to manage chronic pain.

The team members at NeuroSpinecare, Inc., include outstanding spine surgeons leveraging extensive experience in carrying out advanced spinal surgeries. Call the office today to find out more or book an appointment online.