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Diabetes is a growing epidemic that currently affects more than 13% of adults in Ohio. Having diabetes increases your risk of other health complications and can be especially detrimental to your feet. Proper foot care is essential for people with diabetes and the team at NeuroSpinecare, Inc. in Sheffield Village, Ohio, which includes an experienced podiatrist, provides the expert care you need to maintain good foot health. For an appointment, call the office or book online today.

Diabetes Q & A

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic health condition that causes your blood sugar levels to be higher than normal. The sugar in your blood provides your cells with energy. Insulin, a hormone made in your pancreas, assists in getting the sugar from your blood into your cells.

When you have diabetes, either your pancreas isn’t making enough insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or the insulin your pancreas is making isn’t able to perform its job (Type 2 diabetes). Type 2 diabetes is more common than Type 1 diabetes and often develops in adults. 

If you can’t gain control over your blood sugar, the excess sugar in your blood damages the blood vessels, nerves, and organs in your body, placing you at risk of other health issues such as heart disease, neuropathy, and kidney disease. 

Why is foot care important with diabetes?

Foot care for people with diabetes is important because of how diabetes affects your blood vessels and nerve endings. The blood vessels and nerve endings in your feet are small and more likely to become damaged when blood sugars are high, which may affect sensation and healing in your foot.

If you get a cut on the bottom of your foot, for example, you may not know it’s there because you can’t feel any pain. 

Then, because circulation is poor due to the damage to your blood vessels in your feet, the wound may not heal, putting you at risk of infection. Over time, the infection may be so severe your only option is amputation.

Due to these potential risk factors, if you have diabetes, you need to have a podiatrist on your health care team, like the experienced podiatrist at NeuroSpinecare.

What can I expect during a diabetes appointment? 

The podiatry team at NeuroSpinecare conducts comprehensive care when you come to the office for diabetic foot care. During your evaluation, the podiatrist reviews your medical history and any concerns you may have.

The podiatrist also inspects your feet, trims calluses or corns, and cuts your toenails. You’ll be provided with recommendations for proper at-home foot care and shown how to inspect your feet. 

If you have a wound, an ingrown toenail, or any other foot or ankle condition, the podiatrist at NeuroSpinecare can provide the specialized treatment you need.

People with diabetes need regular diabetic foot care. For expert care of your feet from an experienced and compassionate team, call NeuroSpinecare, Inc., or request an appointment online.