Welcome to NeuroSpinecare, Inc.!

Welcome to NeuroSpinecare, Inc. in Sheffield Village, Ohio.

For almost 50 years NeuroSpinecare, Inc. has committed to providing comprehensive care to our patients. Our experienced team of physicians, medical staff and administrative staff works to ensure that each patient receives the specialized care they need. At NeuroSpinecare, Inc. patients will receive treatment using the latest technology in a private office setting.

As the only practice in Lorain County to offer all-inclusive treatment in one location, NeuroSpinecare, Inc. strives to provide continuity of care throughout a patients' treatment. From pain management and neurosurgery, to physical therapy and podiatry the physicians at NeuroSpinecare, Inc. work with patients to establish the best plan of care for their individual needs. Offering surgical and non-surgical interventions to treat orthopedic, spinal and podiatric pain, we treat a wide variety of conditions with the goal of alleviating or eliminating pain.

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NeuroSpinecare, Inc.

5319 Hoag Dr., Suite 100
Sheffield Village, OH 44035


Monday-Thursday: 8:00am-5:30pm
Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm
Physical Therapy by appointment only, Monday-Friday



Neurosurgery includes surgical procedures of the brain, skull, spinal cord, and cranial and spinal nerves.

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Pain Management


Pain management is designed to minimize the impact of surgical pain or chronic pain.

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Physical Therapy


Physical therapy specializes in the management of function and mobility.

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